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dream silently

it’s nine forty five now, diary of a sinner nightcat. still can’t stop trying, you know. can’t stop talking with you. cuz you still constantly help me to release all this noise from my head. most of them, they will never understand how i feel for you. but. i still hope 4 better days. some of them tell me to keep away from you, but i still, still don’t give a fuck, don’t give a shit, don’t care. yeah, i know, it’s like talking with a wall, but i don’t give a crap, right? i’m in difficult situation, t. there are some ways, some paths and thinking about which one to choose takes too much time and nerves. well, eventually i will choose one, but it won’t be an easy decision. i live and act as usual, people won’t see it, but this “checkpoint” is hella hard for me. but… ” no matter what, ready for whatever, keep smilin’ “. i keep. i just wish i could make making this decision a bit less difficult. thanks for talking, see you, t.

your m.


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