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Dryoma – Message to Mars (#LSCD41)

Message to Mars

Yes, I’m still not sure about how should I threat this disc at all. I like it, but I also hate it. I gave it 100% of me, was trippin’, fucking up. Somewhere what I did was not enough, somewhere – too much. There’s too little driving energy, and here I fucked everything up again. Looks like, I can’t make it the other way. Eventually, everything sounds cool and solid. And all the emotions – are just like I wanted them to sound. And new genres that I’ve found and old ones, which I also love so much – it’s all here. I love this record. No, I hate it.” //Dryoma

1. The Sun Stage
2. Cupid Kissing Psyche
3. Make It Kick It Love
4. The Terrestrial Stage
5. Anteros

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P.S. Этот ЕР мы выпустили еще в прошлом году, но до сайта он добрался только сейчас. Те, кто слушал Message to Venus, разочарованы точно не будут. #LSCD41


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